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12 Important Tips for Doing SEO
12 Important Tips for Doing SEO

12 Important Tips for Doing SEO – Website Optimization

If you are reading this article then I think that you will definitely be a blogger and will be worried about how to fix the SEO of your site. Do not panic because today we have written these posts to get more information of 12 important tips to do SEO. After reading this, you will definitely get an idea of ​​where you are paying and what you should do so that you can make your blog even better.

Today, we will not only know about how to optimize a site but also how to optimize our entire website. with this search engines You will also learn about how it works. Today we will discuss about choosing the right keywords and what you should think before writing many contents. But before you start, you must know about some topics:

  • What will your site be on or about?
  • What is the main purpose of making it?
  • Do you really want to make it?

Once you know the answers to all these questions, then you should start working on your blog. So let’s start without delay and know what are the 12 important tips for SEO and how to use them on our blog.


12 Important SEO Tips for Doing blogging
12 Important SEO Tips

Best 12 SEO Tips for blogging

If you really want to fix the SEO of your blog, then you must know about these 12 SEO Tips. Then let’s start.

1. Think of making your blog in the same niche.

You should think about making your blog in the same category or niche. With this you can do better research and Search Engines will also feel that because you are writing articles on the same type of topics, that is why they will understand you as an expert of that topic and will show your articles in the top search results of google. They say that if you get hurt in the same place again and again, then it will break. In the same way, if you always write about the same topic, then some article will be ranked, so that you can also rank the remaining articles.

2. Select the correct keywords and mention them in the correct place.

You should always spend more time in keyword research. For this, you can use many free and paid tools. You should use these keywords in places like your site title, domain name, description, tagline, keywords, blog categories, page titles, and page content.
This is because these are the keywords that users can access your article by searching in search engines. If you use these keywords correctly and in the right places, then it is good for the SEO of your website.

3. Use Internal Linking in your site.

All these bloggers know how much internal linking is important to SEO. But still, they do not use this great seo strategy in their blog. You should always think that interlinking is not only right for seo but also it is easy for visitors to navigate in your site. For this, you can do linking in category wise and include important links with it in your home page.

4. Use a permalink structure that includes keywords.

If the permalink structure is not correct in any blog, then it is not right for its SEO. It does not look right above. Therefore, doing so can prove very dangerous for any blogger.
Rather, you should use such a URL structure that should contain only text, try that you use only keywords in it.
To use an example for your better understanding: –
For example, instead of the first URL, you should use the second one.


It should look more like this:


5. Anything that is slowing down your website should be removed.

Any plugin, music player, big images, flash graphics or any element that is reducing the speed of your blog, you should remove it or use alternative in its place.

6. You must use your keywords in your images.

You should use keywords not only in your article but also in the topic of the site, in the image title, in the description, and also in the alt attributes.
For this, you should re-title the file name so that you can reflect your main keywords there (eg er4343.jpg instead of seo-tips.jpg). This is very important from the point of view of SEO.

7. Link with other websites that have relevant content.

To do this work, you can include a blogroll, link list, or resources page in your webite. If you write a good article and you saw that another blogger has written the same type of article, then you will have to talk to exchange links with them. For this, you have to find other blogs just like your blog and link them with your articles.

8. Continuously update your site.

This is the main difference between website and blog, where website has static content, while blogs have dynamic content. Search engines like Google always need fresh articles. They give more preference to such blogs. That’s why directories like Wikipedia and blogs perform so well in the search engine. Because their writers are always updating them, which gives more value to the people.

9. Make your website indexed in search engines.

Many search engines automatically index your contents by searching for their contents, but don’t trust them too much. You must always check that all your articles are crawl by sending your crawling bots to search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If they do not do this then you will have to manually indexed them.

10. Always try to see how other websites link to you.

This is a very important thing for SEO because if you link other websites or blogs then your google rank will automatically increase. This will increase the authority of your website. So spend as much time on link building as you can. You can use guest post or interact with other competitors blog and tell them about your good contents. With the help of each other, you can do this link building.

11. Your Domain Name should not be changed frequently.

I have seen that many bloggers change their blog name (domain name) between bitches. It is not right to do this because the age of the URL is also a very important factor for the ranking of the site. Therefore, you have to be patient and should not change the URL of your blog by getting caught by someone.
With this, you should work in the same blog, and you should not create a new site again and again. This will give you an opportunity to work more and you can also work well.

12. Write Like Humans

All the above tips will not work for you if there is no human touch in your contents. This means that if you write any good post, if people do not enjoy reading it, then they will not like to read it because they will feel that it is written with the help of some software. It does not show any hard work of a blogger like you. Often people do not like Robotic text, so you should pay special attention to this.

Search Engine Optimization

Often people ask what is SEO? So let me tell you that the complete form of SEO is Search engine optimization (SEO). This is a type of practice in which bloggers write their contents in such a way that their articles get easily ranked in search engines and organic traffic starts coming on the blog. But for this both the quality and quantity of articles must be correct. All sports is of traffic and it is for this that SEO contributes significantly. So let’s know about some important tips of SEO.

Blogging is a destination not Milestone. For this, you have to do something every day. Your blog has to be better than before. This whole process is like a journey where you have to work continuously without losing hope. And always give the most importance to your readers. Because your blog is for him and if he is not happy then there is no reason for you to work hard.
Hope you have this article 12 Important Tips for SEO? Tell us how you felt by writing a comment so that we too have a chance to learn from your ideas and improve something. To show your happiness and enthusiasm towards my post, please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc.

You must use your KEYWORDS in your IMAGES.
You should use keywords not only in your article but also in the topic of the site, in the image title, in the description, and also in the alt attributes.
For this, you should re-title the file name so that you can reflect your main keywords there (eg er4343.jpg instead of seo-tips.jpg). This se

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