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Earn money from Google
Earn money from Google

How to earn money from Google 2020

Earn money from Google: In today’s time, everyone wants to earn money using a mobile phone, and if you have a smartphone, then you will have the same thought in mind that I would have found some way so that I can also use my mobile phone to do something Could earn money That is why I asked why not tell you how to make money from Google (how to make money by google)? Earlier, we have told you that we have written an article about how to earn money from apps as well as how to earn money from WhatsApp. We all know that Google is king in the world of internet. There is no one in this time of collision. Google has already launched many of its products and keeps bringing something new every year. Although it started its work as a search engine, but if we talk today, it has started a product in every area of ​​internet and millions of people are taking advantage of it.

We will tell you about many such services launched by Google, from which you can easily earn money using your mobile phone. We all know that ho ho ho every person opens Google many times every day. Whether it is a company, businessman, or any organization that provides any kind of service, it considers Google to be the first choice for advertising itself. Advertising is the method through which Google earns the most. Apart from advertising, there are many such sources from which Google gets a very good income.

Now use Google’s products every day, you may not have complete knowledge about it, but let me tell you what are the majority of its products which you must be using everyday. The email ID you use has been created by Google, which has been given a lot of space so that you can receive anyone’s email and send email to any other person. Its second product which is now used the most is YouTube. Yes, you tell me how many videos you watch on YouTube every day, you can’t even guess it yourself. You must have entertained yourself most. If I start counting you now, this entire page will be filled, but the product of Google and its benefits will not end.

If Google provides so many services to us, then not only does it do it for its own earning, but the common man can also earn good money by connecting with it. Next we will talk about many similar products, through which any person who has little skill and knowledge can easily earn money from Google sitting at home. So, without delay, we know what are the ways by which everyone can make good income, then let’s start how to earn money from Google.

How to make money from google 2020 – how to make money by google

How to make money from google 2020
How to make money from google 2020


It was the year 1996 when a technology company was born which changed the way we live. Google, which started as a search engine and then later launched its Gmail, online advertising, cloud computing, hardware, and many other services and made many things easier in people’s lives. Google creators are Larry page and Surgey brian. Who declared it as a private company on 4 September 1998. Before that both of these people proposed to Yahoo after making Google search engine to buy it. At that time Yahoo turned down his offer. Look at what has come today, that Yahoo which shows its search results shows only through Google’s data.

In 2004, it offered an initial public offering, which was extremely successful. His new office is located in Mountain View California and its name is registered as Googleplex. Google has been voted as one of the best places to work after conducting many surveys around the world.

Last year the Google company earned a profit of US $ 46 billion and the entire amount of money made was US $ 75 billion. If you convert it into rupees, then it means that the company had a profit of more than 300000 crores rupees. You can understand how much money Google has and many entrepreneurs like you and those who work from home can earn good by joining Google. If you know how to build a mobile application or run a block, then it is time to take advantage of these opportunities to earn money online. We have prepared a list for earning money on the Internet, which you can use to work from home.

How to earn money from google

People who are already connected to Google and are making money through many mediums, those people know very well that its are such that any common person can connect and make good income. First of all, you have to understand that whatever work you do, it takes hard work. In the same way, Google also likes those platforms which work hard and run its services on its platform so that they have income.

Those who want to show cleverness, Google understands them well and may have to bear the loss of it. There are many people who think that they are very clever and in the pursuit of intelligence, they adopt the method which only causes them harm. Will also give further information about the office. Let us now see what are the ways by which you can earn money using Google.

By creating a website or blog and monetizing it with Google Adsense

Google is the best source of income for any website or blog you make in India. By the way, there are many ways to earn money by making a blog and website. But as far as India is concerned, Google Adsense is the most preferred method here. When you prepare a good blog and start spreading good information on it. You can take approval for Google advertising. After getting its approval, Google starts showing ads on your blog. Now here your income depends entirely on the traffic coming.

The thing to notice here is that to bring traffic, you have to know what SEO is, why it is important for the block. This is a technique whereby the blog is optimized according to the search engine. By doing good SEO optimization, the blog and its posts go to the first page of this search result, so that more and more users reach that blog. That is, the more traffic, the more earnings.

Today, you will definitely see the advertisement of Google Adsense in all Hindi blogs. Apart from this, all the news websites are also used by them. Because the traffic in the website is very good, you get very good anyway. As long as you do not bring traffic to your website, you cannot expect to earn good money from it.

By creating Android application and publishing it in Google Play Store

This is a very golden opportunity for people who know Android app development. When you go to the play store, you will see that you will find all kinds of applications there. Then whether it is related to education, entertainment, games, etc., demand of all kinds of apps is in the Play Store. Nowadays you will find many such people who do the work of retailer etc. like Bigly and Meesho. Both of these are quite popular in the market right now.

If you plan well and if you do not know how to make android.app yourself, then you can get an app developed by contacting a good developer through your idea. The important thing for this is that you have to come in keyword research. You have to find out which keyword competition is very low and people search more about it.

There are some areas in which the competition is very high, so if you download that kind of app, then you may take a lot of time to get results in it. Once you make Android app, then you can use Google Admob to monetize it. It is also a product of Google which works to show advertisement in mobile applications. After publishing in the play store, the more downloads will be in it and the more users, the more your earnings will be.

Monetize with Google Adsense by creating YouTube channel

Friends, who does not know YouTube today. We use it the most to entertain ourselves. Whether you want to watch news or watch a movie, we use YouTube only. Apart from this, if you want to know about all kinds of comedy videos, tutorials, then we like to watch videos on this platform.

If you have any kind of talent that happens in every human being. You can create a YouTube channel to teach it to other people. We have written a separate article about what YouTube is and how to earn money from it, you can go and read it. Millions of users watch videos every day on YouTube. In this, the more your video is seen, the more your earnings will be. But before that you will have to apply Google Adsense to monetize your channel. For this, after creating a channel, it is mandatory to have videos of 4000 hours of view time and 1000 subscribers. Without this, your channel cannot be monetized.

When your YouTube channel gets monetized and now you put good content, your video gets very good news. The more views on your videos, the more your earnings can be. This is considered to be one of the best ways to earn from Google. In today’s time, when we go inside YouTube, we see all kinds of videos of our choice. Which we get to see through any channel. When you see that too, you will understand that how popular this channel is and its content is good, that is why it is growing very much and earning money.

In short

In today’s time, earning money from the Internet is not a big deal. For this, you need a little talent and skill. But there are many people who do not have any kind of knowledge, yet some days they start earning good by gaining knowledge on the internet. The reason for this is that he understands that if anything is to be done in the internet, he will have to connect with Google, so in today’s post we told how to make money from Google (how to make money by google). If you have read the post then you must have understood that Google strike brings some new product. And there are many such platforms where people have already got a chance to connect and are earning well from it.

Google is in the world of internet today and no one can deny it. Today, one who has understood the importance of Google has gone far ahead. We have already told you many ways to earn money, such as how apps earn money and apart from this, we also told how to earn money from WhatsApp. Of which, this method has also been told in many earlier posts. But we thought that Google is a platform that should be told in detail. That is why we have prepared this article for you. If you like this post, then share it with your friends and relatives more and more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

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