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What is a backlink and how to create a high quality backlink?

When a beginner steps into the field of blogging, he is very keen to get traffic and this is why the search engines start getting information about optimization, in the meantime, you get to hear about the word ie what is backlink in Hindi) and how to make  ? Just after hearing this, it keeps going in the mind that what are these backlinks and how many are there. Why it is important to make it as well as its benefits. If you do not create backlinks, then the ranking of the post will not increase and the posts will come on the first page or not. Knowing what SEO is and how they do it, after passing a lot of time, the post does not rank, all of them do not understand what is the reason.

What is a backlink

Why backlink is necessary, you will understand very well while reading this post because I will explain it to you by a very easy example. I too knew absolutely nothing about backlinks like you at the initial time. Gradually, while blogging, I also understood the importance and also understood what is the role of quality backlink in search engine optimization. If your blog is new then only very good on page SEO is not enough to rank the post. Google does not even recognize the new blog and thus it does not trust the new blog so that despite having very good quality content, the post does not rank. But if you understand the reason for this, then to what extent it is right to do backlink building, you will also know its importance.

I will share my own experience here and I will also tell what and how much effect I have seen in the post of making backlinks. I am writing this post only after the completion of one year of blogging because I wanted to collect the complete information about the backlink and see its practical effect only then I can tell you about it so that all the information in the work Arrived Let us now know what a backlink is and why it is necessary (What is Backlink in Hindi) Apart from this, we also talk about how backlinks are and how to make high quality backlinks.

What is backlink – what is backlink

Backlink One way incoming link or inbound link is also called. When our website is linked with another website with the help of a link and gives a way to get from that website to our website, then we call it backlink. You must all know Wikipedia very well and maybe you will also know that you can write an article as an author, so assume that you have written an article there and for the refrence of the same, post your post there Has given a link to and has given the complete details in the same topic in his blog, so whichever reader in Wikipedia will come to read it, then that reader may be there with the link left there on your site. Switch to be coming. In this way, Google gets the signal that traffic is coming to your site through Wikipedia and your site trust will build up and the ranking will also improve.

Backlinks identify new blogs in a way. When a blog is linked to many big websites, then Google also recognizes that the site is good and big websites refer to it. Whenever you write a post and make a backlink for it, then it does not take long to get ranked in Google, whereas if you do not make a backlink, then it takes a long time to rank the post.

You must have heard the name of many good and reputed websites like Quora, reddit, etc. The ranking and reputations of all these websites are very good, but apart from these there are many websites which are counted in the name of good website and from where you can get quality backlinks.

Why backlinks are important – why are backlinks important

In blogging we provide information or service to people through our blog. But for this it is also important to reach people in which SEO is an important character. Meaning that our blog cannot reach people without SEO. Google is the search engine that is used the most and people search for information through this medium. Now here Google puts those websites on the page whose SEO is very good and whose content is very good and updating the information over time, they always remain on the first page. But this is not the case with the new website because the trust level of blogs for Google is nothing and the domain authority is also very low. In this condition, the only way we can increase the domain authority of our blog is by which Google trusts our blog. That method is to create backlinks.

Let us understand the importance of backlinks with an example. Suppose you have gone to a new city and nobody knows you there. You must have often seen that people go to a new place and give a party and invite the big people of that city by giving an invitation. Why should they do this? Your answer will be that they call people to make links. Now if you get a good life with the 5 powerful people out of the 50 who have come, then your value will also increase in the city and because of them you will start doing a lot of work. After joining him, everyone will trust you with his reference. This is how backlink works in the blog.

Apart from this, even if your life gets recognized by a big minister, then your work gets in a pinch because that minister is powerful and because of that you will know that it is the life of the minister and you will do your work. This is what happens when the link of your blog is in a good website, then Google’s bots recognize your backlink present in that powerful website and increase the ranking.

Types of backlinks – types of backlink in english

If said to be fat, there are two types of backlinks.

No Follow link

When a website links to another website, if there is a nofollow tag between their links, there is no link juice paas in it. Nofollow links do not help in ranking your blog if truth be told. Nofollow link is not of any importance in the eyes of Google and other search. When Google’s bots check the Nofollow link, then they see the Nofollow relation in it and from that they ignore that link and do not follow them. For this reason, link juice does not pass from this.

Nofollow link is used by blog owner or web master for any other site which they do not know much about and which is unreliable.

Do Follow link

If we talk about backlinks in general, by default all blog or website posts are written and links are added to it, all those links are Dofollow. All these links pass the link juice. This means that if the link to your website is in another website and is dofollow, then Google bots will recognize your site by following that link and the ranking of the site also improves.

When you do link building, the most important thing is that it is also necessary to create a Nofollow link because if you make only Dofollow then in a way it will be called spam from Google. If you are making 75% Dofollow backlink then also make 25% Nofollow.

How to make high quality backlinks – how to build quality backlinks

Brother, we have now understood that what is the backlink, what is the difference between Dollow and Nofollow but then here the question arises that if we make backlinks then how to make them? This question must be coming in your mind that from where will we get this high quality backlink. So the simple thing is that there are many ways of this, from which you can get both Dofollow and Nofollow links from a good website.

If you are a beginner then do not understand that you have no value. Everyone has started in this field as a beginner as well. In the beginning, trust level and domain authority have to be built. You just become expert in writing good content, then you will not have to face any difficulty in any work. Creating backlinks is not a difficult task, you should keep your content quality to the best, after that link building. Let us now know how to create a high quality backlink?

Post guest

Guest blogging is the best form of link building in my opinion. In this you get Dofollow backlink. And the biggest thing is that when you give a guest post to a good and big website, your site is identified and people also get to know you through that site. Even if the site is good and its traffic is also good, then you will get traffic from there. On this external matter, now I also tell you its technical advantages, when you write a guest post in the similar and reputed website of your niche, then bots of Google go to your site by following the Dofollow link and your site Trust level also increases as well as domain authority.

Submit web directory

There are many such directory submission websites where you go and submit the link of your blog according to the category of the niche. After few days of submitting the link, you will also see its effect because it gives you the Dofollow link.

Comment on another blog

One of the best ways to create a backlink is to go to the website of your niche and comment according to the topic. With this you get Nofollow link but there are some websites where Dofollow link is also available. By default, it is kept as Nofollow tag by the comment plugin.

Create Profile in Discussion Forum

When you join the forum according to your niche, then you also get a chance to put a link to your website and blog. If you continuously share the problem in the forum and solve the problem of others, then you can also link to the posts related to it, in this way you also get traffic along with Dofollow links from here.

Benefits of backlinks

There are many benefits of creating backlinks and without it SEO does not improve rankings even if it is good, then let us now know what are the benefits of creating backlinks.

Post indexing be quick

When we publish a post, it takes a lot of time to get indexed in Google. Whereas if the backlink of that post is made, then Google’s crawlers help index that post through link juice. Google Bots takes a little time to find the link to a new post if their backlinks are not counted. It takes a lot of time for new website posts to be indexed in Google.

Referral traffic

When we put the link of our post in a big website, there is already a lot of heavy traffic in those websites, due to the good information, traffic comes from our website. When someone reads the post, then following the link given there, goes to your website.

Domain Authority Increase

By joining other big websites, domain authority gradually increases. The Domain Authority shows how much the site’s reputations are in Google’s eyes. The higher the domain authority, the sooner the post is ranked.

Improvement in Organic Traffic

All of them know that the best traffic would be organic. Traffic coming through Google is called organic traffic. When the post is indexed and starts to rank on the first page of Google, people start coming to the blog directly and easily and in this way good organic traffic starts getting.

In short

Friends, in today’s post, you have learned what is backlink and what are its benefits. Along with this, you also learned how many types of backlinks are there and how to make high quality backlinks? Most of the new bloggers are worried that even after 6 months their blog does not get traffic and they get frustrated and frustrated. But here you need to know that when you start blogging, domain authority takes some time to grow. Along with this, it is also important to work continuously in the blog.

It is also important to update the information in some or the other post every day. As much as you will be active Google crawlers will crawl your blog in the same way i.e. every action you get a reaction from Google. The more you work in the blog, Google also keeps crawling the updates in your website as quickly and frequently. If you will put a post in 15 days and nothing will work, then Google will crawl your site in that same day. You must have understood through this post, what are its benefits, so if you liked this post, then share it more and more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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