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What is insurance
What is insurance

What is insurance and how many types are there?

If you have not had any insurance yet, then make sure and if you do not know what the insurance is and why it is important, then today’s post is about this where we will know how many types of insurance. Occur. What is the confidence of life today and not tomorrow, so it is very important to make so much arrangement for every human being so that if the family does not have to face trouble after the health, accident and death in the coming time. You must have often seen advertisements promoting insu rance on your TV, but after seeing these advertisements, have you ever thought what are the benefits of insurance / insurance? We keep hearing about many companies every day who keep telling about many types of insurance, so today we will also understand very well what types of insurance are there.

There are many benefits of insurance, but the most important thing is that when you get any type of insurance during your lifetime, then you become tension free. Just you have to do according to their terms and conditions, then the insurance company resolves many problems that come in your life, which they promise. I also initially thought that what is this insu rance after which people are so upset. The people who run the family know how difficult it is to give comfortable life to the family and when something bad happens to the same earning man, then it affects the whole family. Every member of the family is affected by this, children studying, if there is a married daughter, they can be taken at once to get married, but they are insured soon after they are born so that the insurance will remain till the time of marriage. May the amount be well enough and she can be married. In this post, we will know what is insurance and what is its importance, as well as we will also know how many types of it are.

What is insurance – What is insurance in English

What is insurance
What is insurance

Insurance is a facility in which the insuring company promises its insurance holder to pay the amount of insurance to you or any member of your family after any loss, illness, accident, death.

If you have insured your shop and the accident happens in the shop in some way, then the insurance company compensates for the loss. Insurance means insur ance.

Today’s world has become very fast, during this development, the importance of the machine is increasing. In this era of machines, the danger on humans is becoming very high. The number of road accidents has also increased due to more trains running. It cannot be said about health, when and which disease gets caught. Today, we know about new diseases which are new. So the whole thing is that if someone says that he will live for 60 years, it is impossible without any problem. Troubles and troubles keep coming in life, no one is saved from them. In such a situation, insurance becomes very important in life. If there is only one man to earn at home and other family members depend on him, then it is obvious that the life and future of other people also depends on that person’s life. Accidents are very common while walking on the road. Or say illness or worst death, then the family does not have to face much trouble after them, hence these insurance companies help a lot by giving compensation to the relative of that person.

When we go to buy a vehicle whether it is 2 wheel or 4 wheel, it has been made mandatory by the Government of India. So whichever showroom you go to buy a car, they give the insurance of the car themselves. If someone starts a new business, then he has to invest a lot of capital and assume that if an accident such as a fire, theft in a shop happens, then that person will also be drowned and in this case the insur ance company as insuranc Compensation gives you a chance to start the business again. In this way, insurance / insu rance is not one of a kind, but there are many types and you can choose any one according to your need.

Importance of Insurance – Importance of Insurance in English

It is very important to understand how important insurance is, because every human needs it, let’s understand its importance in easy words.

  1. The happiness of every family is due to the financial support of its head, that is why as soon as a person starts his family, the insurance becomes very important especially from that time. This means in a way that whoever is the main person of the family has a safe life so that there is no financial problem and if something bad happens to that head then insu rance becomes a big support. And supports the place of that head.
  2. Do you know what will happen tomorrow? No, don’t you know what will happen next? Do you know what happens to you tomorrow and the whole family will be left crying behind you and there is no one to see it. This kind of tension sometimes comes in the mind of Kabar people, but do you want that such tension does not remain in life, then there is nothing better than insu rance for it. It will also work with your life and will benefit you and will complete your work for your family even after your life. In this way it will relieve you from tension and pressure.
  3. Right now your financial condition is not good, but if you have insured, then there will be a time in the future when you will get the amount of insurance and at that time you will have good money which will bring happiness in your life.
  4. Everyone knows that money is not everything, happiness cannot be bought with money. The importance of money is nothing before health and life. But after insur ance, you get a mental peace which gives you happy life.
  5. If you die, which is a truth and no one can escape it and now the daughter’s marriage was left or the children’s education was not completed. But even if you have got insurance, after you leave the daughter will get married and the education of the children will also be dealt with well.

Types of Insurance – types of insurance in English

Life insurance – Life insurance in English

Life insurance is the most commonly provided insurance scheme of our country India. There will be few people who have not taken life insurance. A life insurance plan is a cover for the loss of life of the insured person. In this, when a sum is insured for a time period, the amount is given by the company to the person or the family is paid to the person who dies.

Nothing is greater than the life of a human being. When the life of many people depends on one person, then it is very difficult to guess how much importance that person’s life has. No one can compensate for that person’s life, but after his life is lost, the family gets support from the amount due to him. The person who takes the service of life insurance has to keep depositing the amount for a fixed period to the company.

Health insurance

In today’s era, the importance of health in surance has increased significantly. Whenever the time of emergency regarding health comes, then this insurance is very useful. We all know how expensive it has become to treat hospitals today. Those who are smart people do keep this insura nce. Whenever you get health insurance, see that which hospital the insu rance company is offering the option of treating in which hospital. Because in this you get the facility to treat them in the same hospital with whom they keep their tie up. There are several insuran ce companies that provide health insur ance for the whole family.

Home Insurance

In India, the majority of the population belongs to the middle class family. Building a house for the middle class family is nothing short of a dream. It takes a lot of money to build a house, which a person accumulates after saving from the earning of entire life. After so much hard work and long-term struggle, the house built from the jointly built capital is ruined by any natural calamity or riotous disaster, then imagine what will happen to that person and his family. No one can stop the natural calamity, apart from this, the house can be ruined even if there is a riot or strike. That is why if insured in these cases, then nothing better than this.

On getting insurance of the house, disasters coming from nature like earthquake, flood, lightning, fire and in addition to man-made calamities like riot, disaster, strike, theft, attack, insurance amount for the damage done after all these disasters Is given.

Vehicle Insurance – Vehicle Insurance

Nowadays, every two wheeler and four wheeler vehicle purchased has to be insured at the same time. This has been made completely mandatory by the Indian government. If you drive on the road without it, then you will be considered wrong by law and you will also have to pay penalty for it. In auto insurance, it is not only the vehicle but also the third party. Because of this, compensation is given in exchange for the loss of a person caused by the vehicle.

Travel Insurance – Travel Insurance

Recently travel or travel insu rance is becoming increasingly common among people. In our country, every day millions of people travel inside the country. Many people also travel to travel abroad. If you have ever visited the site of Indian Railways to book a train ticket by yourself, then you must have seen the option of travel insuance there, if you have not seen it, then definitely see it next time.

On traveling by train, you can avail travel insurance for just Rs. 1. In this, you are given a cover of up to 10 lakh rupees. This is an optional service, if you want, you can get this insurance and if you do not want, you can also leave this service. Similarly, you are provided with the facility of travel insurance. Medical insurance is provided in case of baggage, lost or stolen luggage or if there is any health problem in the middle of the trip, on getting travel insur ance.

Accident Insurance – Personal accident insurance

The number of accidents has also increased considerably due to the continuous running of the unpaved trains on the roads. For this reason, the accident insurance scheme compensates for the physical damage caused by the accident. That amount is paid after being admitted to the hospital on another incident that happens while walking on the road.

When someone chooses a policy under an accident plan, then the company bears all its expenses, which is why accident planning is very important. Before starting this plan, please read the terms and conditions.

Crop Insurance – Crop Insurance

Most of India’s population lives in the village. The main work of the people of the village is agriculture. The condition of farmers is not always good in our country. Even today, the farmers here depend on the weather to do their farming and now due to global warming, the cycle of weather is becoming unbalanced all over the world. There is no rain on time due to which farmers have to suffer a lot. This is the reason that every year many farmers commit suicide. For these reasons, crop insu rance scheme has been started for the farmer. If the crop is damaged due to any reason after planting the crop, then the insu rance company compensates for the entire loss.

In short

Getting friends insu rance is very important for every human being. That is why in today’s post, we have learned here what is insu rance and what is its importance. There are many types of this, but it is not possible for a middle class person to have every type of policy. That is why it is also important to know which policy is beneficial for you and for your life, according to that you will get full benefit. That is why we have also known here what are the types of insu rance (types of insurance in English).

I hope that you have got all the necessary information about insurance in this post. You must have understood what insurance is. We always bring such information to the blog which helps in your life and also increase your information. If you liked this post, then share it more and more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp.

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