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What is SSC and its full form in English

Today everyone wants his government job. Everyone studies from childhood thinking that future should be good and better. Life goes well and there is no shortage of things, so most people want to get a good job. Many people who do not like the job, they do business planning. But you will definitely agree with me that most people are desirous of getting a job and if that is a government job, then it will become like icing on the cake. That is why people who want to get a government job and want to know what SSC is and when its exam takes place, through this post we will complete your incomplete information about it. We are going to tell you here what should be the qualification for SSC.

Our India is a very large country and most of the population lives in the village. Not everyone has the facility to take all the information in the village and to get updates of every new information, one has to depend on others or go to the city. Many times it happens that after the completion of the exam date, students find out that SSC examination has been done. Form centers where offline forms of all types of exams are available, students often go to the place so that whenever they get a chance, they can apply for a good job. So today let me tell you that if you want to know the complete information of SSC in English (ssc full information in English) then in this post we will tell you about it in easy and simple language. Many students are left behind due to lack of information and are unable to show their abilities. That is why, now in this post you will know what SSC is (what is SSC in English).

What is SSC – what is SSC


SSC full form in English
SSC full form in English

SSC is an established organization under the Government of India which works to recruit staff for various ministries and departments and government institutions under it. That means government offices are located in every corner of our country and where employees are required to work, therefore, to fill these posts, an examination is conducted every year by the central government, which is known by the name of SSC. . Under this, people are given jobs by taking job exams for non-technical posts for Group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’. SSC was established in 1977.

SSC headquarters is located in Delhi. The Commission is associated with the Deparment of Personnal and Training (DoPT) which consists of a chairman, two members and a secretary cum exam controller. There are many types of jobs under the central government. Whenever the vacancy of a new job comes under the central government, the SSC does the filling of the posts by the people selected by the examination.

SSC full form – SSC full form in English

Staff Selection Commission – Staff Selection Commission

Qualification for SSC

Many types of examinations are conducted by the Staff Selection Commission. Educational qualification and skill also vary according to each post. In this, there are many types of posts available especially for the students graduated from 10+ 2, which you can choose and write the exam according to your age limit.

When is SSC exam

To fill the posts of employees, the Government of India organizes its examination every year by completing the application through online website. For the application, all the information has to be filled by going to its official website. After that the exam is given by downloading the admit card.

According to the exam calendar in 2019, the CGL exam will be between June 4 and June 19, 2019, which will be in the form of Tier-1 and the same Tier-2 exam can take place in September. The result of all these exams comes at the end of the year. You can check the exam calendar for other exams.

SSC exam calendar

SSC exams

We have already learned that SSC conducts examinations to fill vacancies in many different government departments created by a central government and by selecting candidates who pass it, are given. But now it comes to what happens in it i.e. how many exams are taken in it. So you should understand well that there are many posts on the basis of education and merit and according to them many examinations are conducted. The people who pass it are then selected and given the post.

We are going to give you the list of various examinations taken by this commission here.

SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level Examination)

SSC CHSL (Combined HigherSecondary Level Exam)

JE (Junior Engineer Civil & Elect)

GD Constable

IMD Scientific Assistant Exam


Multitasking (Non-technical) Staff Examination

JHT (Junior English Translator)

CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces)

What is SSC CGL – What is SSC CGL in English

This is the exam taken by SSC and all those who have completed their graduation can apply for it. The CGL exam is taken every year by this commission and in which many students sit and take the exam. The age of the candidate to apply for this must be at least 18 years. The maximum age should be 32 years.

In this, the examination is taken in three stages. They are as follows. Personal interview is not taken in this. Apart from these three steps, skill test is also taken in which knowledge of computer and typing speed is also seen. By the way, this exam is only taken for certain positions.

Tier – 1

Under this, General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, English Comprehension exam is taken, out of which 25 questions are asked from each category which is 50 marks for each category and 100 questions of total 200 marks are asked. The total time available for this is 1 hour.

Tier – 2

Under this, questions are asked from Quantitative Ability and General English categories. 100-100 questions are asked from both categories for which the total marks is 200. Total time of 2 hours is given to answer the questions asked in this exam.

Tier – 3

In the third tier, the test of writing essay and letter is kept. You have to write it yourself. For this also the 100 number digit remains fixed. The answer can be given in two languages ​​i.e. in English and English you can write your answer in any language.

Skill test

Under this, there are some posts in CGL for which knowledge of computer is compulsory and at the same time it is necessary to have good typing speed of Kapoor as well, hence knowledge of computer and typing speed is seen by taking exam in this subject.

What is SSC CHSL – what is SSC CHSL

Staff is selected for four posts through SSC CHSL exam. For this, minimum qualification qualification should be 10 + 2. That is why it is also known as 10 + 2 in addition to CHSL. So any person can apply for this examination in class 12. For this, the age of the candidate should be between 18 years and 27 years. Under this, the term of data entry is most preferred in CHSL.

  1. Court Clerk
  2. Junior Secreteriate Assistant/ Lower Division Clerk
  3. Postal Assistant
  4. Data Entry Operator

JE (Junior Engineer Civil & Elect)

This exam to be taken by the staff selection commission, junior engineers are selected in departments like Central Water Commission and Department of Posts. Under this, engineers are also selected for electrical, mechanical, civil etc. branches. This is a prestigious job that inspires all kinds of people, its examination staff selection commission is conducted all over the country.

GD Constable

Staff Selection Commission BSF (Bordor Security Force), CISF (Central Industrial Security Force), CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), NIA (National Intelligence Agency), ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police), SSB, etc. GD as security forces Conducts exams for constables.

IMD Scientific Assistant Exam

The Staff Selection Commission of India Meteorological Department conducts the examination for the recruitment of Scientific Assistants. Its examination is done in two parts. When you pass this exam, you are appointed as SSC Assistant Scientist in IMD.


The Staff Selection Commission takes the exam for the recruitment of stenographers by which qualified candidates are recruited for the post of Grade C and Grade D Stenographer in Central Government organizations. The test to be taken for selection of stenographer is taken online. In this, after passing the written examination, a skill test conducted in offline mode is taken, i.e. typing speed is checked.

Multitasking (Non-technical) Staff Examination

Those who are interested in SSC Multitasking Non Technical Examination should pass Class 10 from a recognized board, then they can apply for this exam. To participate in this examination, the age of the candidate must be between 18 and 25 years.

JHT (Junior English Translator)

JHT i.e. Junior English Translator, by passing its examination, the candidates can work under the Center Circar by getting a job on the post of English Translator. For this, knowledge of English and English language is also very important.

CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces)

The Central Strong Police Force is an examination to be taken by the Staff Selection Commission, under which the aspirants apply for the police job. Many people dream of being able to join the police and serve the country. So pass this test and fulfill this dream of your own.

How to prepare for SSC

The population of our country is very large and according to that, the government has to face a lot of jobs. Private jobs are not so much that if we can complete it, then the government servant is less like that and for every post, lakhs of people are applied to get jobs. The Staff Selection Commission is one such Commission which is controlled by the Central Government and under this, the selection of employees is done by conducting various types of examinations mentioned above. We will tell you here how you can prepare a better future for yourself by preparing for this exam.

Keep the necessary material ready for studies

Staff Selection Commission basically asks questions from very general subjects. If you are good in mathematics and English, then it should not be a difficult task for you to gather the necessary syllabus for studies. In order to pass the exam, it is very important for you to have the content of every field asked in the syllabus. It is advisable to use the books of some good characters.

Follow Daily Routine

It is very difficult to get success by studying without planning. Every student should make a balance between their home and studies so that they do not face any problem while studying. Those who study outside should also study only by following a routine. For those who study at home, they also have to do many types of work at home, so in such a plan, it is necessary to give equal time for each subject, as well as if you are weak in any subject, then make extra time for that. .

Get online help

Never think that it is wrong to take online help while preparing. You can get a lot of profitable information online. Even you can get all kinds of help related to your preparation from studies. That is why you should never lag behind in taking advantage of it.

Study according to the time table

Pay more attention to the subject in which you feel that you are weak and in which you have a strong hold on it, if you can ask for it in less time, give time according to it. Write all the time from morning till bedtime, that is, what you have to do in 24 hours, write a chart to everyone and also write the subject which you have to study from how many hours to how many hours in this way. It will be easy that no one can stop you from getting success.

See also previous year paper

The questions asked in the backward examination also prove to be very helpful. You get a lot of help in understanding the pattern and in a short time you can understand how to study and what are the important things to pass.

Prepare short notes

After reading the big topics, write them as points, thus by writing each topic in points, your short notes will be prepared so that you will remember the topic easily while saving, and will also save time.

Practice continuously

Just as a cricketer, if he enters the field without practice, it is very difficult for him to play cricket and neither he is capable of batting bowling nor does he get fielding, in the same way as much as you can about your subject. You will practice that you will become more expert in it.

Take your own test

Take your own test at every small interval during your studies and see how good you are in what you have studied so far, this is a very good way of assessing your results so that you can find out how many you are right now Are in the water.

In short

Friends, you have learned in today’s post what is SSC (What is SSC in English ) and what should be the qualification for SSC? Apart from this, today you also know when is the exam? There is always a dilemma among people about what is SSC and CGL, so in this post we have tried to explain everything to you in easy words. Now you must have understood that under this there are many types of exams which have different dates and their information is given in the official website in the exam calendar, which you can see by going there, then you will not need to ask that SSC When is the exam of

We hope that you have got the complete information of SSC in English (ssc full information in English) in this post, then you should tell us by commenting how useful this post is for you if you really liked this post. If possible, share it more and more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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